Integrated Arts Programme

Integrated Arts Programme is theme based. The programme integrates art, music, movement, role play, dramatic play and games in a fun way to develop language and socio-emotional skills.

Theme on "To The Rescue"

To enrich their understanding about what fire fighters do to help the community, the Nursery children were engaged in a dramatic play about a kitchen that caught fire. In this story, the fire fighters put out the fire and even rescued the family friend’s cat. Read on to find out what happened.

Theme on 'Special Me'

K2 children having fun playing a game to balance bean bags on different parts of their bodies.

K2 children are learning about internal organs and their functions

K2 children enjoying a simple hands-on science experiment to understand the digestion process (how our bodies break down food) with a slice of bread and water.

K1 children making a “HAPPY ME” snack with digestive biscuits, fruit loops, cream cheese and pretzel sticks

Nature Theme

K1 children learning about different tree parts and their functions

Bark Rubbing Activity

K1 children made a class tree using the leaves, twigs and fruits they picked from a nature walk.

Children attempted writing their poems

Healthy Me -K1 Making Fruit Kebab Activity

Craft Activity