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Parents’ Feedback

We are grateful for the time that our daughter, Nikhita, has spent at Pearlbank. She has grown more confident and knowledgeable. Thank you to Mrs. Lau and ALL the teachers at Pearlbank – each one of you is a wonderful educator. We can tell that the teachers are passionate about the children and what they do – this is reflected in the school activities and borne out by how much Nikhita loves going to school. Even we as parents find the syllabus interesting and we enjoy hearing from Nikhita about what goes on in school. We love that the teachers are always available and happy to have a chat. Thank you for giving Nikhita fond memories of her education at Pearlbank and for widening her world.

Nikhita’s Mum
March 2018


Our two children (4 years and 6 years )are attending Pearlbank Kindergarten. Heidi started attending since she was 2 and a half, and is now in her final K2 year. Helmed by experienced educator, Mrs Lau, her team of teachers provide a loving and nurturing environment for kids to develop in values, character and academics. Heidi has developed self- discipline and pride in completing tasks well while retaining her spontaneity and curiosity. We have seen her grow in confidence in academic disciplines through the encouragement from her teachers. She is enjoying her early school years and benefits richly from interacting with her school friends from multi-global cultures. The teacher -student ratio also allows each child to receive individual attention and learning goals can be adjusted as needed.

Our younger boy Samuel is following in his sister’s footsteps though, very much works in progress!

Kudos to the teachers for their dedication! And especially Teacher Huang who never fails to see something positive in each child to praise and affirm!

Mr and Mrs Charles Lee
August 2017


We want to express our heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Lau and the entire staff of Pearlbank Kindergarten for making pre-school such a positive experience for Adarsh. We would like to specially express our gratitude to Mrs Lau for creating an environment of enthusiasm for learning and appreciation for growing. We are thankful to the teachers for instilling values and discipline in Adarsh, with patience, love, guidance and care. It has been a joy to watch him flourish into a independent and social child over these 3 years.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Pearlbank Kindergarten success for many more years to come.

With sincerest appreciation and gratitude,
Deepa & Rajan
March 2017


Pearlbank has been Yashika’s first experience at formal learning. She started at the tender age of 3 years, amidst all our insecurities about her adjusting to the new ways. We are so thankful to the love and patience with which the teachers and principal dealt with her through the screams and tears. Reassuring her and us each day that it was a phase and she would be fine. And soon enough she was! Not only was she comfortable, she loved going to school. From then it has been almost 4 years now and she is in K2, ready to graduate this year. There hasn’t been a single day that she wants to miss school, she wakes up excited to board her bus! It’s the result of the personal connection that the Principal and the teachers have made with each child. The Principal and teachers also connect with the parents on a deep level hence making us feel always welcome and a part of the school family. Thank you Pearlbank!!

Parents of Yashika


The other day I thought of testing Jui’s memory by asking her about some of the country flags that I taught her almost a year back. She correctly pointed out to most flags such as Singapore, India, China, US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and so on. Unable to recall which others she knew I casually asked her whether she can tell me anymore and to my surprise she started with Venezuela, Ecuador, Suriname, Paraguay and the list went on ! Me: How do you know all these Countries! Jui: My Teacher told me J Me: What else did your teacher tell you? Jui: These are the Countries where we have the largest rainforest…the Amazon Rainforest. Mummy do you know we can find many beautiful birds in the Amazon Rainforest, like Macaws and Toucans. I am glad that my daughter is learning so many interesting subjects in the school and the fact that she could remember it in so detail shows that it was actually made interesting while being taught in the school. After we moved to Singapore from India in late 2012, Pearlbank really was the only place where she settled without any real struggle. Jui, now in K1, has been a student of Pearlbank since Pre-Nursery and has been growing and maturing since then . The girl who could not understand a single English word can now converse fluently in English and Mandarin apart from our Mother Tongue. Pearlbank has definitely been a great contributor in her development. She loves Mrs Lau and all the Teachers J Thank you Pearlbank !!!

Jui’s Mum